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What you’ve said


Polly’s connected approach to everything she does insures that you will feel encouraged to find your own knowledge and strength.   Her perfect level of support and encouragement guide you in a very empowering way.

Relaxed, low key vibe with amazing scenery, well planned routes expertly led, challenging, hilly, uplifting and wonderfully supportive


Women's Road Cycling Weekend

Amazing all round ...

…brilliant riding, stunning scenery, fun people, delicious food & lovely yoga practice.

I was surprised at how much I completely switched off from work and just focused on the weekend. Unheard of!

I think I was surprised about how accessible the mountain biking was, having been a bit worried about that part.  How comfy the beds were, and how well I slept.

Ive been telling anyone who will listen...

…that I wish my whole life was this weekend on a constant loop! Riding and yoga in a really approachable, inclusive, safe feeling environment. You create an amazing atmosphere of challenging yourself but with no pressure, and that people of mixed abilities can all enjoy equally and get something from. All in beautiful surroundings and super relaxing.

It was probably the best weekend I’ve had in ages,

the perfect combination of being outdoors, learning something new, having some time to be just me.  It was so much better than a spa weekend, the fact I was exhausted at the end of each day made it feel like purposeful relaxation.  Just lovely.

Beginners Mountain Bike and Yoga

I also meant to say ...

…you wrote an article that got posted on Velovixen about not beating yourself up about your riding and just enjoying yourself instead…THANKYOU. I read it often before I ride. Between that article and the weekend at Coed Y Brenin last year you have no idea how much of a difference you’ve made to my riding and more importantly my enjoyment of it. Total game changer. I feel like a switch has flicked in my head and Im having so much more fun! Hope to be back as soon as possible! “

Thanks so much for a fantastic weekend, loved every second and feel like Ive had a little holiday

Doing yoga with Polly is a real eye opener into how diverse yoga can be

a happy person

Yoga Workshop at Coed Y Brenin

I’m totally sold on yoga now

I've spent the whole day at work in a daydream, unable to get the grin off my face thinking about what we rode