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Mtb Skills Coaching and Yoga Weekend


Join us at the Mtb Skills Coaching and Yoga Weekend

  • Date: 9:00 am 30 Mar - 4:00 pm 31 Mar
  • Cost: £215.00 Location: Coed Y Brenin Visitor Centre

Complimentary Fresh Cold Pressed Juice

We love our juices, these are made by our friends at Enfys Juice (Enfys means Rainbow in Welsh!). Choose your flavor, you’ll get one each day (perfect for a morning boost)

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Spend two days with Mountain Yoga Breaks and Pedal Mtb honing your mountain bike skills, learning some trailside fixes and finding out about the best pre and post ride yoga.

The Coaching

Ed and Al from Pedal Mtb are both highly skilled and professionally qualified coaches that will help you to improve your riding no matter what level you are starting from. Their relaxed and engaging style encourages you to push yourself to try new things, while in a safe and friendly environment. You will spend both mornings in a coaching session before heading out for a ride in the forest to practice those new skills and enjoy riding the trails with greater confidence. Pedal MTB pride themselves on developing better riders not just skills area heroes, so expect to get plenty of trail time in as well as specific skills based training. Sunday will also include a trailside maintenance session which will give you the skills and knowledge to be able to make simple fixes when out on the trails.

The Yoga

Polly has been lucky enough to train with Tiffany Cruickshank this year on a Yoga for Athletes intensive and she’s really excited to be able to share what she has learned both on that course and over the many years she has been teaching. You will learn about how to warm up effectively and the hows and why’s of post ride recovery. We will look at both the physical and the mental side of mountain biking and how yoga can help make you a better rider.

The Venue

Coed Y Brenin is a perfect venue for this course. With world class trails to play on and the best yoga space in Wales it really works for us.

Is this the weekend for me?

If you feel like your riding could do with a confidence boost then this is the perfect weekend for you. Even if you have been riding for a while its amazing what learning a few extra core skills can do for you. You might struggle with cornering or steep rocky terrain, this weekend will definitely set you on your way to getting better at those things and riding with more flow and skill.

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Don’t take our word for it…this is what a past attendee had to say

“Just wanted to send a quick message to say again thank you SO much for this weekend! Yesterday’s ride was so great, you really gave me the push and confidence boost that I needed and I loved it! I’ve spent the whole day at work in a daydream, unable to get the grin off my face thinking about what we rode. Thank you”

Whats included in the price?

2 days of Coaching

Trailside maintenance session

4 Yoga sessions over the weekend

Afternoon Tea and Cake each day

A fresh cold pressed juice of your choice each day

Whats not included?

Accommodation – for places to stay nearby we can recommend the following

Old Skool MtbCae Gwyn Farm, and Log Cabins Wales

Lunches each day – there is a very good cafe on site or feel free to bring some lunch with you

Transport to and from the venue


Q: Can I drink alcohol on the weekend events/retreats?

A: In some venues there is an honesty bar and on our weekend yoga retreats we do serve wine with dinner. We neither encourage nor discourage drinking alcohol as we see it as a personal choice.

Q: Do you cater for special diets/vegan/gluten free?

A: We cater extremely well for most dietary needs. Often our gluten free puddings are the envy of everyone else at the table. Just make sure you let us know any dietary needs

Q: Is there wifi/phone reception?

A: In most of our venues we have limited phone reception and wifi. We see this as a rather good thing, giving everyone time to switch off and unplug.

Q: Can I have a single room?

A: In Elan Valley lodge everyone can have a single room if they wish. At some of our other venues the rooms are shared twins. We do have some single rooms available with a supplement. See individual events pages for details.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Firstly you don't need to go out and spend lots of money on expensive kit. It is good however to have a decent waterproof (especially in Wales!) and a decent helmet. You can wear trainers or old walking boots/shoes and use a small backpack for carrying food and drink. It's good to have gloves and some warm layers, sometimes we will be out on the hills and even in summer the temperature can drop. We carry bike tools, first aid kits and group shelters so you only need to bring what you need for the day. It is helpful to have spare inner tubes that fit your bike. If you are hiring then we provide these.

Q: Will I be the slowest person/won't everyone get tired of waiting for me?

A: As a group we can only go as fast as the slowest person. We focus on the journey rather than the destination and personally do enjoy taking in the views so don't worry about being slow (although we do like to get back in time for tea and cake!)

Q: How long are the rides each day?

A: On the beginners weekend we aim to cover 25km the first day and around 20km on day two. This might take us all day but we like to take in the scenery too. On the non beginners weeekends we typically cover 35-40km each day. Doesn't sound much? There's plenty of big climbs to make up for that!

Q: Can I hire a bike if I don't have one?

A: Yes - we can arrange bike hire.

Q: I'm a complete MTB beginner, will I cope?

A: The beginners weekends are aimed straight at you so you should be totally fine although we will offer sufficient challenge throughout the weekend to enable you to progress and gain confidence. The non beginner weekends can be fine for beginners too but the fitness requirements are a bit higher. That said if you approach the weekend with a positive attitude and a willingness to give it a go we think you might have a great time!

Q: Do I have to attend all the yoga sessions?

A: You can attend as many or as few of the sessions as you wish.

Q: What type of yoga will we practice?

A: I teach Hatha yoga with a emphasis on Vinyasa Flow. This is a freestyle form of yoga where poses are linked together with the breath to form flows. It's not necessarily fast but it is strong and dynamic. There will also be elements of Yin and Restorative yoga included.

Q: My balance is terrible, why is that?

A: It's very common to struggle with balance, especially if you are just starting out on your yoga journey. The best approach is to not worry too much about it. Don't focus too hard on trying to balance and definitely don't worry if you fall over. Focus on keeping the breath nice and steady and stay relaxed and with practice you will improve.

Q: Isn't yoga just about sitting and meditating?

A: Meditation is an aspect of Hatha yoga, however there is much more to yoga than sitting in the lotus position. We use a strong physical practice along with specific breath techniques to tap into our focus and concentration. We see this practice as a form of moving meditation.

Q: Are the yoga sessions suitable for beginners?

A: Yes! The sessions are tailored to be accessible for most people with plenty of options for more or less challenge. If you do have specific limitations or an ongoing condition or injury do get in touch to discuss.

Q: I'm not flexible at all, can I still do yoga?

A: Yes! You don't need to be flexible to practice yoga. The practice itself will improve range of motion, strength and flexibility so being stiff is all the more reason to start.


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