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Step up your Step through


Step up your Step through

  How to Step Forward from Down Dog to Low Lunge Most yoga classes these days are run on a continual basis so it can often be the case that your first class isn’t aimed at complete beginners. When it comes to the Sun Salutes you won’t be alone in struggling to step your foot […]

Peanut Butter Cookies

We always have people at our events or retreats that are Gluten free and often Dairy free too. We like to make sure that everyone gets good treats. For that very reason I have spent countless days searching for and trying out GF and DF recipes.  I have found some good ones (will share more […]

Think you’re not Flexible enough for Yoga….?

As a yoga teacher I am always seeking to identify the barriers to starting a yoga practice. Apart from the common misconception that yoga means lying on the floor and chanting there are two main things that I hear on a regular basis. The first one is “I would go to yoga but I’m just […]

Quick Post Ride Yoga

Sometimes you only have 5 minutes… Here’s a great option to keep your body in great post ride shape.  

My 10 favourite post ride yoga poses.

I am always telling people to stretch more after riding or running but I know it can be hard to make the time for it. If we give ourselves small aims such as a ten minute practice we are much more likely to achieve it. So here are my ten top poses for a post […]