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Post ride warm down yoga part 4

Wednesday 1 August

Supta Baddha Konasana - Reclining Cobblers Pose

This is a deeply relaxing pose which stretches the groin and inner thigh muscles, opens the chest, increases energy levels and is generally rather nice.

Find your strap again and sit with the soles of the feet together. Wrap the strap around your lower back - as low as possible and then bring it inside the knees and around the feet - tie it so that it is quite tight and make sure it stays low on your back.  Gradually start to lie back - if you find the strap is too tight then adjust it. You should be able to lie back and just let go and breath.

As with all physical exercise if you have any medical condition or injury please consult your doctor before trying any of these poses. Always work within your own level of ability and never practice under the influence of alcohol or drugs.